Thursday, April 8, 2010


Its been some time but the Rice & Beans crew will be back in Orlando! Or as I call it, the 79th municiplality of Puerto Rico!

We will be celebrating the release of the homie Bles' "Blestrumental" CD. Bles is an ill producer who has done work with some of the elite Hip-Hop cats in Puerto Rico and more importantly he is incredibly good peoples! Speaking of Puerto Rico's elite,as part of the release celebration we have none other than Tek-Uno coming live and direct from the Island of Enchantment! He will be doing a special birthday guest mix!

As if that wasn't enough, that night we will be celebrating along with the FANIA familia their official re-release of the CLASSIC "Siembra"! Without a doubt one of the illest records ever produced!

Por la esquina del viejo barrio...oooff!