Thursday, April 22, 2010


I am often in discussions with folks about how today's music is pure basura and at best watered downed versions of what it "used to be". Usually at the end nothing new is arrived and I am left feeling like an old dude who should be rocking an unbuttoned guayabera,chancletas,and shorts while playing dominoes and drinking rum (a joy that I hope to one day experience!).

However, the fact remains that the majority of what is today being pushed as music (especially Salsa,Soul and Hip-Hop-my loves)is pure trash.

But the funk didn't end in '79.

Today there is a revival of the original sound and flavor that was both salsa and boogaloo. As Fania Records and others, such as Latin Soul Records, continue to re-release the classics,a new generation is becoming aware and falling in love with the sounds of the OGs.

Today as well there exist a hand full of bands and musicians that are reviving the sound and energy of the 1960's and 1970's and once again producing incredible music.

Today I want to mention two in particular.

Bio Ritmo is a 8 piece band from Richmond VA that have been producing some of the heaviest salsa heard in a decades.Puro puro candela! Let me not bore you with words...peep the video:

On the boogaloo tip,which has become extremely hip and cool again, we have Spanglish Fly. They are a band coming out of Nueva Yol with tons of flavor. I definitely co-sign! Again, I could bore you with with words but Id rather have you check out their rendition of the Ray Barretto classic "New York Soul":